Humor, Satire and Cartoons Too

Words: Some Humor and Satire Sites

These links below lead to satirical sites that use more language than images to get their points of view across to the reader. There are, of course, a ton more of them; but these are my favorite go-to sites:

Images: Top Editorial Cartoonists Working Today Around the Country

I have pulled out some 60 or so of the most viewed American cartoonists for your direct access to their work. If you didn’t find who you are looking for in this list, I’d suggest looking through a few of the links in the agencies-syndicates-organizations section below, starting with the largest first (Universal Press Syndicate) then the next largest (Cagle Cartoons), etc.

Cartoon Agencies, Syndicates, Professional Organizations

Agencies, Syndicates and Organizations :


      • Cagle Cartoons US cartoons: In 2001, Daryl Cagle started Cagle Cartoons, a syndicate which distributes the work of newspaper editorial cartoonists and columnists from around the world (but mostly US cartoonists) to approximately 850 subscribing newspapers.  It gives its subscribing publications all of the content from the works of about 100 US editorial/political cartoonists.
        One excellent approach to browsing through the latest cartoons found in print and online periodic news sources is simply to click on US cartoons at Cagle’s site. The cartoons are identified by date, first–and arranged from most recent going back in time–with the cartoonist’s name is identified:

      • U.S. News Cartoons: This page is not a cartoon organization or syndicate, but a news site, of course, but it is easy access to a cross-section of the best cartoonists and their recent additions to the corpus on editorial cartoons.  A really, really good starting point to use.

      • King Features Editorial Cartoons: a division of Hearst, has a small list of cartoonists that span the range of editorial point of view–conservative, moderate and liberal:

      • Tribune Content Agency (TCA) Editorial Cartoons: The TCA Editorial Cartoon Service is also much smaller than Cagle Cartoons, and like King, holds just 10 cartoonists, including several “independents”.  TCA organizes its cartoonists in three categories by political view:

      • Universal Press Syndicate’s GoComics A-Z Comics by Title:  this GoComics site lays out, in alphabetic order, many of the most popular comics and cartoons–but much, much more than simply editorial cartoons. It is the web’s largest catalog of syndicated newspaper strips, political cartoons and webcomics. Here is that syndicate’s link to its cartoonists (including editorial, yes!) over every content type, including old popular and general sites like Alley Oop, Annie, Bloom County, Born Loser, Calvin and Hobbs, Dilbert, Doonesbury, Peanuts, Stone Soup, etc, etc, etc. Some 900 or so cartoonists and their work.
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