The Special Year in the Life of Our Country: 2020

The Special Year in the Life of Our Country: 2020


This year has been a whopper, hasn’t it.  I don’t know that many of us in the country would have guessed it, but Trump is the center of all attention.  Not because he is DOING anything to move the country forward; because he is doing everything he can to hold onto the part he likes to play: President of the United States.

Is he capable of that part?  Clearly, no.

Does he understand that fact?  Clearly, no.

Trouble is, you see, he had destroyed any reasonable facsimile of a bureaucratic infrastructure around him in the first three years of playing POTUS, replacing the general, worked-out structure of the Clinton-Bush-Obama administrative architecture with crippled, hap-hazard pieces, pasted together on the spur of the moment, in response to pressured, uncharted decisions, pulled out of his ass, as we found out he always did and continues to do.

Trump was playing the great wizard, Oz, for us (and really, mostly, for himself):

pay no attentionNow, you ask, WHY did he destroy the existing infrastructure protecting his administration from his dimwittery?  Well, it wasn’t planned, you see.  Nothing Trump every does is planned in the sense of having the forethought to lay out incremental steps toward a goal’s accomplishment.  No, Trump fall into his circumstance one impulsive decision after the next.  No, step by step, with chaotic impulsivity, Trump turned and blustered out some bizarre new direction to take, absent ANY advise sought or heeded, by ANYone.  THAT is what got him into his mound of policy shit.

Step By Step

step by step slowly I turn

Trump Didn’t BUILD an Administration

. . . he just gave it the outer borough grifter’s best whirl, collecting a pot full of crass self promoters and crank White Power ideologues, and a bevy of military types–“tough guys” who he thought looked like the strong personalities he wanted to have around him.  The Prime Bully wanted the “best,” most “terrific” sub-bullies around him!

And how did Trump’s vetting and hiring work out?  Well, not tooooo well:

More on this year later.  It’s going to be ugly and nasty.  Because that’s what the emotional retard we call Trump is: balding, complexion of a spit-roasted chicken (ugly) and nasty.


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