Nahla Gets A Buddy

Nahla hasn’t adjusted to the new change yet, but she has a new “buddy” in her life, a second Savannah, this one a kitten just something on the order of 4 or 5 months old. Here is how it came about:

A few weeks ago, we were just summarily dropped by our original attorney on our case against the animal veterinarian hospital that killed Tugger back in early March. The attorney I had found who did animal cases lives hours away from the metroplex of OKC-Norman-Edmond, down in Ada, Oklahoma. And although she started the case with us again Blue Pearl, when it came time to go to court, I told her that we were thinking of her filing in the district court system of Oklahoma (each county has a district court; some counties have more than one–OKC, three, for example), she returned an email saying she wasn’t going to be able to do that as she lived hours away from the OKC court house. Well, as it turns out, she just isn’t really a “trial” lawyer at all; just does litigation outside of court rooms, divorce cases, etc.

So she said I’d have to find another lawyer, and sent me the names of a couple who practiced in Norman. Well, I checked those names out and called one of the offices, which happens to be just around the corner from where we live, up on the corner of Main Street and West 36th Avenue. The person I talked to in the office gave me the attorney’s email address and said she was usually out in courthouses, or handling deposition work in other locations; I should email her with my request.

“Savannahs Are Dog-Like Cats”

Since the person in the office told me that this attorney owned a dog that she adored, I decided to send her an email that showed pictures of Tugger (a big, dog-lke cat, weighing, at his most, something on the order of 20 to 22 lbs), explained what a hybrid cat/domestic cat Savannah was, and how Savannahs actually act a good deal like dogs: fetching, jumping, loving water, identifying strongly with one of two of their adult handlers, etc.

So I got some of our digital images of Tugger together and included them in the email to her, but also included a couple of short video clip links I had found on YouTube about Savannahs:

The attorney LOVED the images and the videos, and called her office person back to tell them to please set up a meeting with Claudia and me to talk about the Tugger case: she was interested in taking the case. We had that meeting two weeks ago, and she is taking the case.

A Little Craigslist Checking One Week Ago

Let me leave that ongoing story for the moment, and switch to last weekend. On that Saturday, Claudia was up in Edmond doing a presentation or something with teachers. I had decided to check Craigslist in the OKC area to see if there were any Savannah kittens for sale. And I found one:

There was a relatively inexpensive Savannah for sale (obviously as a pet, not a show cat) about an hour and a half south of Norman. So I texted the phone number and found out that the Savannah was a male, about 5 months old. The owner was a young woman, obviously out of work and living in a very small house that was not maintained well, north of a little community in south central Oklahoma (Stratford), next to a cemetery. The kitten was in a large dog cage, in the living room, which was next to the young woman’s bed. The place smelled really bad.

But the kitten looked okay, and I was able to pick him out of the cage by the nape of his neck and hold him. I told the young woman that my wife had to agree to the purchase, so it would be Sunday morning, at the earliest, that we could be returning to pick him up. She agreed, and I left, drove back to Norman and texted Claudia with pictures I had taken. She got back to me almost immediately, said yes.

We drove down to Stratford on Sunday morning after stopping in at Tiffany’s for breakfast in Noble.

Here is our new Savannah kitten, named Benny:

Benny Joins the Menagerie at Silverton Circle

As I say, Benny is probably a 4 or 5 month old kitten, but of which generation of Savannah we just don’t know. The owner had a Chausie male in her house which we said was the father of Benny, so that means that the mother (who we didn’t see) was a Savannah. But we don’t know how close the mother was in the ancestral blood line (Felial line, F1, F2, etc.) to a Serval, or if Benny was just one of the later generation Savannahs that are several generations removed from a Serval. The vet told Claudia that he is clearly a Savannah, but we will just have to see how big he gets before being able to guess how far away from the original interbreeding of a Serval with a domestic that produces the Savannah line.

Since it is clearly going to be several weeks before we can dare allow Nahla to be in the same room with Benny, we are keeping him in our bedroom at present. We are still going through the process of getting Nahla used to the idea of a second cat in the house (she is 8 years old and has NEVER had another cat in the house with her, so this is going to take some time).

So Benny is a bedroom cat right now: we have his liter box and his food bowl and water in our bedroom, and we keep the two doors into the bedroom closed at all times.

He is playful, and clingy around our ankles, just as most Savannahs are. He jumps to the top of the dresser and knocks things off it (we are used to that behavior by Savannahs for years now!).

Savannnah Coloration

His coloration is different from both Tugger and now Nahla, who are both Brown Spotted Tabby (BST). This is the most typical coloration of Savannahs, although there are others.

Indeed, the second most frequently seen coloration is the Silver Spotted Tabby (SST). I think it is pretty clear that what we have in Benny is the SST coloration, although we will have to see if there are any changes as he grows older. However, for right now, Benny is clearly is the Silver and not the Brown:

Onward and Upward

One of the special delights of having Tugger in the house was that he was a playful cat, acting out of the ordinary ways of fully domestic cats. He jumped more, got on top of things more, and “fought” with me more than any domestic cat we have ever had.

Nahla had a sheltered, un-Savannah like life with an old couple the wife of which was and still is bed ridden. Nahla hasn’t had a very active life . . . so far. But, if we are able to get Benny introduced to her (without her taking a bite out of him) we may be able to get Nahla “loosened up” a bit. Tugger, as large as he was, and as playful as he was, was still good to the “smaller” Tonks when we had them, seen below with Diva, our first Tonkenese, who died late last year.

We’re hoping that–given enough time–Nahla will find some more constant companionship from another Savannah who she will have around the house.

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