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Recently, my wife left an item on her Facebook page that showed a couple of paragraphs out of a “science textbook” used by one of those bible-thumper private schools that seem to fester in the South like summer crotch rot:

From the text shown above: “Electricity is a mystery,” and then “. . . we cannot say what electricity itself is like.”  That is, excuse my French, horse shit.  Two minutes of Google searching produced this instructive page from the About.com site on Understanding Electricity:

Electricity is a form of energy. Electricity is the flow of electrons. All matter is made up of atoms, and an atom has a center, called a nucleus. The nucleus contains positively charged particles called protons and uncharged particles called neutrons. The nucleus of an atom is surrounded by negatively charged particles called electrons. The negative charge of an electron is equal to the positive charge of a proton, and the number of electrons in an atom is usually equal to the number of protons. When the balancing force between protons and electrons is upset by an outside force, an atom may gain or lose an electron. When electrons are “lost” from an atom, the free movement of these electrons constitutes an electric current.

By  the way, the Christian “home schoolers” out there can get the “teacher’s guide” for Science 4 for Christian Schools for $23 (see Amazon entry for the book here).  Please notice the publisher of this book (Bob Jones University Press!), and the overwhelmingly negative comments about the book (11 out of 13):

Finally, the Amazon reviews have been dreadful and almost universally scathing.  Some quotes from them:

Written by a complete twit. Her “science” qualifications …
“Presently, Debra holds a B.A. and M.A. in English and a Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knocks. Her award-winning writing, entertaining humor, and biblical knowledge have made her a much-sought-after conference speaker.” (1 star)

THIS BOOK HAS TO BE BANNED FOR PROMOTING STUPIDITY!!!! Just because you don’t understand does NOT mean god did it. I cant believe this is even a real book, the author should be ashamed of himself and so should anybody that even reads this piece of garbage. (1 star)

Why is it zombies eat brains but never get any smarter? I don’t know, same reason Christians read “science” books like this yet remain mired in ignorance, myth and fantasy? I give it one star because I’m too lazy to change it to no stars. (1 star)

On electricity, from the book: “No one has ever observed it or heard it or felt it.” No one has ever “felt” it? Really? I wonder if the author would like to meet me so we can test that assertion out in a lab. (1 star)

To deliberately misquote James Downey, “Mrs. White, what you’ve written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever seen. At no point in your rambling, incoherent book were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who has read it is now dumber for having done so. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.” (1 star)

I located the nitwit “author” of this pile of crap: Debra White Smith.  She, and her husband, Daniel, “co-pastor” the Palestine Church of the Nazarene, in Palestine, Texas.  From the pictures I found on the Web, I’m guessing their Sunday services attendance averages, oh, 25-30.

But, here is the gold: some pictures of Debra:

Looks like she’s trying to hug a high school football player, and a little girl gets in the way.

Then there is Debra, hiding one of the gee-tars in the church’s music program (also includes a drum set, right side, not seen):

Finally, here is her hubby, Danny Joe Jim Bob, up front, doing his “preach’n”

Found out that Debra is a newspaper columnist as well.  Well, for the Palestine Herald-Press, that is:  here is her latest “Ask Debra” column.  Notice her self-promoting footer at the end of that column:

The author of 54 books, Debra White Smith holds an M.A. from U.T. and is the featured relationship specialist on the Fox News Radio Show, “Plain Jane Wisdom.” She and her husband, Daniel, co-pastor Palestine Church of the Nazarene. For more information, visit http://www.debrawhitesmith.com. Got a problem? E-mail Debra at askdebra@live.com

In her own web site’s bio, she is even more impressive, with her claiming in part that . . .

Since 1997 Debra has been blessed with over 1 million books in print. Her work has appeared on various bestseller lists, and she has been repeatedly voted a reader favorite. Presently, Debra holds a B.A. and M.A. in English and a Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knocks. Her award-winning writing, entertaining humor, and biblical knowledge have made her a much-sought-after conference speaker.

Debra has been a popular guest on radio and T.V. across the nation, including The 700 Club, At Home Life, Harvest, Getting Together, His Place, Moody Broadcasting, ABC Radio, Midday Connection, Fox TV, USA Radio Network News, as well as a vast array of regional media spots. She is currently the featured relationship specialist on the new Fox News radio show, Plain Jane Wisdom. Her favorite hobbies include fishing, garage sales, and swimming with her family. Debra also vows she would walk 50 miles for a scoop of German Chocolate ice cream.

(I didn’t know that evangelicals were allowed to masterbate their egos in public places!)

God, she really reels in personal shame that she doesn’t have a Ph.D. (“yet”), doesn’t she: “and a Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knocks.”  Guess that is some of her “humorous” writing.  And from her photos, I’m sure she would walk 50 miles for a scoop of German Chocolate ice cream.

Lets see: credentials for this “science” textbook author?

  1. bachelors and masters in English (from UT!  Jesus, I would never have guessed that, ever.  I guess it just means that you can know something about English–well, read’n and writ’n fiction–and still be a real dip shit about science.  Go figure!)
  2. published by Bob Jones University (Dah!)
  3. “co-pastor” of a small bible-thumper church in Possum Trot, TX
  4. author of 54 other “books” (YA and childrens lit author too!!!!)
  5. “relationship specialist” on Fox News Radio
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